Here are the Benefits of Using a Parental Control Solution

Published On November 26, 2018 | By admin | Technology

The internet is an incredible thing, making our lives so much easier, but it can also be a highly dangerous place, especially for our children. With the number of online threats lurking on the internet, it is important to track your child’s online activity by using a parental control solution.

A parental control solution has become an essential requirement to monitor your kid’s online activity because this is the only way to ensure they are safe from the internet dangers.

With the help of a parental control solution, you can make sure your child is having a safe experience on the internet and stay away from online threats such as cyber bullying, pornography, and pedophilia.

Benefits of a Parental Control Solution

Using a parental control solution is very easy. We have underlined some of the benefits of using a parental control solution for your child’s online safety down below:

Blocking Unsuitable Content

A parental control software/app has the ability to block the content which is deemed inappropriate for them. It can filter your child’s internet activity
in real-time by blocking their access to the inappropriate content available on the internet such as pornographic material and violent videos.

Those websites or apps which we believe are not suitable for our children can be blocked with the help of a parental control solution. Our children can
have a secure and safe online experience once the inappropriate content is blocked. There are some parental controls that enable us to directly block some of the categories of a certain website.

Internet Scheduling

Internet scheduling is one of the most important benefits that working parents can derive from a parental control solution. Parents need to ensure their children are using their time constructively. This feature allows parents to set a specific time of the day as well as the duration for their kids to access the internet.

The children can then only use the internet in that particular time slot. This feature keeps them from becoming an addict to the internet and only use the internet in a designated time. Moreover, the same feature proves to be quite helpful in the times of abundant homework, assignments, and assessments and also helps reduce your child’s screen time.

Monitoring SMS and Chats

Another benefit of deploying a parental control solution on your child’s device is that you can easily monitor their chat messengers as well as their text messages. This helps you know if your child is communicating with a stranger or a sexual predator through their chat messengers.

When you are using a parental control software, you can find out if your child is interacting with wrong people. In case they are, you can immediately stop them from talking to the unknown people and keep them safe from them. Apart from monitoring their SMS’s, you can also monitor their social media chat messengers.

Monitoring Online Activity

A parental control solution can act like a complete monitoring solution and helps you keep a track on your child’s online activity. You can find out what app they have been using, which website they have been visiting, what videos they are watching on YouTube, and which games they are playing on the internet, etc.

If you find out that your child is viewing inappropriate on the internet or watching something unsuitable and harmful, then you can always stop them at the right time and take away their device. In other ways, you can always revoke their complete access to the internet at any time. When your child knows that you are constantly keeping an eye on their internet activity, then they will refrain from watching any unsuitable content.

Location Tracking

By using a parental control solution, you can also track your child’s location and find out where they are going. This feature lets you keep a track of their whereabouts at all the time, helping you stay informed about their location.

For example, when your child is stuck in an emergency situation or is in a place where they should not be, then you can always reach out to them and help them out if you have an access to their location

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