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Published On July 22, 2019 | By Rachael T. Campbell | Finance

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Our commitment to your business is unshakeable. We promise that nothing will topple the foundation we build with you from the nascent stage of your business to full market domination.

When you team up with Kexburg, you will know that our attention is laser-focused on helping your business achieve success. The range of our service is vast, and we use all the tools we have to help you succeed. 

Business approach  

As a leader in the order fulfillment industry, we offer exceptional services at prices that you can pay without going into debt and forcing you to lower the quality of your business operation. And we have trained our valued staff to keep innovating ways to serve you better.

We work to get your products to your customers before any other order fulfillment company.  Speed is an essential part of our order fulfillment service. And our distributed warehouse network makes us extremely competitive in the industry.

Technology is a crucial component of our business structure. Kexburg integrates technology companywide, and we optimize it to help make your business successful. Without technology, scores of most businesses lag behind or fail. 

“Our innovative approach to order fulfillment has allowed us to stay leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors,” Kexburg states on its website at While others in the industry are comfortable with the unexceptional, we embrace new ideas that will benefit your business. 
“Technology is most definitely our friend in this case. We use it and tailor it to provide maximum results while keeping costs under control.”

What we value 

We live by a set of values that we will not abandon. These values serve as the guiding principles of our company, which is owned by Jenkins.  

Kexburg has high regard for our business clients. We adhere to a professional standard, unmatched customer service, and a competitive edge that leads to your financial success.

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our staff members who work to make sure we meet the demands of our business clients. And we make sure that our clients are always satisfied with how we treat them when they run into issues or have questions. Our employees know that the success of your business is what drives our order fulfillment service to be better day after day. 

 “From our customer service staff to shipping and receiving, to IT and management, we have your back,” Kexburg says on its website at  

Our customer service program is among the best in the industry. Without your business partnership, our business would not exist. And your success means our success. 

 It is not only our customer service teams that are focused on serving your business needs. The entire company is involved in ensuring that you are satisfied with our level of service.

 We also value speed. It drives us. We want to get to your customers first with the product they order. And we want them to be happy with our service, so they keep coming back. 

At Kexburg, we look at delays in the delivery of products as a blot on customer satisfaction standard. Delays cost money; we want to make you money. 


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