Promote on Facebook and Social Media with These Tips

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On social media, there are opportunities including finding old and new friends, discovering new ideas, marketing your products, and more.

Let’s get into marketing through social media especially Facebook. Knowing when to sell on Facebook and when not to would be important.

You shouldn’t hard sell anything on Facebook. The traditional hard sell tricks including posting repeatedly for a boring product, advertising a company that sounds dry, or revealing a top whatever list that doesn’t engage people with conversation isn’t going to work well.

Think of social media is a place for people to have fund and chat with friends. People would share photos, videos, or anything else that would make them relax. To stay that way, make it a fun social space for everyone.

Don’t simply post content. You need a plan with an objective.

An example of a objective for a bookstore may be to increases sales by 25% next month. Let’s set up the plan to meet the objective.

You want to write a short message and post it every morning before 7 a.m. You would hand-picked this text message from all the books you’ve read in the past 5 years. This shows you’re indeed into reading many books. This also reveals you are serious and are always sharing with your connections.

The message you post would always be accompanied by a photo in which you’ve taken formally or casually during your trips overseas, or one of your local conferences in your niche. Some of the days besides posting the message, you would briefly explain what happened in the photos. This would be fun for your followers.

Besides doing all the posting yourself, you should let and get other users to do the same. Encourage them. One of the best ways is always to give something in exchange of something else from the users (or followers).

You may want to give out a physical bookmark each day to encourage posting. The one person who has posted the best content would win the bookmark.

Facebook page – Create a page. Fill out all the information for your page. When people stumble on to your page, they would see the info you’ve spent time filling out. Then you should regularly post on it.

Facebook group – Create a group with a topic of your choice. Start by pulling your friends into the group. Share things that people would talk about or share.

Your wall – Don’t forget. You can post and share on your own wall.

Always remember on Facebook that it takes time to nurture a relationships with other people. You should:

  • Engage politely and sincerely in any conversations.
  • Share information that you think may be useful to other users.
  • Have patient.

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