The Impact of the Latest Tech Developments on the Outsourcing Industry

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Outsourcing has been around for a long time, but it was not practiced as frequently as it is today. Things have definitely changed, and the demand for outsourcing has surged. There are a couple of reasons for this change. First of all, a lot of new small and mid-size businesses started to pop up, and a lot of them are now conducting their work online.

These are the factors that impact the number of customers, and with more customers comes greater demand for outsourcing. Businesses needed to be patched on all kinds of different fronts – larger customer support service, target market analysis, production process, etc.

Technological advancement has, without a doubt, influenced the outsourcing industry, and in this article we will go over how it was influenced. Here are four major changes in the outsourcing industry brought by the advancement of technology.

It improved the quality of their service

The last decade was really filled with project management tools and all kinds of management-software. So, every business could become way more organized and keep track of progress. This also improved outsourcing companies, since they could easily take on way more clients.

Also, with so many different software options out there, companies could offer a quality research service, or quality web design and SEO etc. So, instead of a single business purchasing a new software for one specific task, they could rely on another company that already uses those tools, and to whom other businesses outsource those same tasks.

Also, services that require graphic design, logo design, cover design etc. have far greater quality now and are obtainable at a lower price, because artists can use digital graphic boards. This makes the whole design process a lot easier, quicker and more precise.

It made it more accessible

With all these new tools on the market, the whole job of outsourcing companies became easier and as already mentioned, more organized. This means that today outsourcing companies are far more accessible. You can easily get in touch and find them via search engines, and you can also check out customer reviews in order to determine if they will meet your demands.

It made some of the services redundant

Since a lot of websites now have a live chat feature, and since other software can do efficient ticket assignments, some of the services that were previously outsourced are now completely redundant.

Call centers for example, are almost no longer needed – some companies still use a call center, but with the right software and with live chat customer support on the website, a smaller team can handle a larger number of customers, and software can redirect customers to the corresponding support team, so call centers will at some point become a thing of the past. Furthermore, it will be possible to completely replace call center workers with AI, so even if you would like to keep it as an option, real people working in a call center will be redundant.

It created specialists

When outsourcing companies started to bloom, the entire outsourcing market became more competitive. This resulted in an improved service, since today a five star review is priceless. Everyone is aiming for competence, expertise and a high level of customer satisfaction, so outsourcing services have really stepped up their game, and consist of teams of experienced and dedicated professionals. This means it is far better to outsource to a team of reliable individuals, then to start your own department for one single task.

This is how the evolution of technology resulted in the evolution of the outsourcing industry. You have reliable and accessible providers, who can do an incredible job, and you can constantly communicate with them, just to make sure everything goes as planned. Outsourcing companies are slowly becoming business partners for businesses of all sizes, and they all strive to make your job a lot easier.

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