Try AXE.IO As One Of The Best Android Games 2018

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Smartphones users are mainly divided into two major points and those are Android and IOS. The ones, who prefer going for the iPhones have to head towards the IOS option. On the other hand, the rest would like to go towards the Android version. Android operating system is simple to use and easily understandable even for the novices out there. The best part is that this source comes with best android games 2018 which you can choose now. You can always go through the available options and head for the one you like.

Try the AXE.IO:

You can understand almost everything from the title itself. This game is always about axes and dragons. Here, you are asked to use axe for killing the dragons and in case you are still concerned about running out of the animation, you can always think twice. For every dragon that you actually hack to death, the game can reward you with more axes so that you can start continue to kill them. Just for you to win, you are always asked to butcher dragons than the opponent. The game is primarily designed for supporting various players. Apart from that, unlike other android games, you do not have to use only one character at one time.

More to learn:

This game comes handy with 16 characters for you to alternate and use for making this game more interesting. So, if you have played one stage with one character, you can easily switch to another character once you reach the second stage. There are multiple reviews available about this game, which can easily state this one to be the finest approach possible. Apart from that, Android boosts some of the other major Android based games too. Some of those are Bloons TD 6, Goosebumps Horror Town and more.

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