4 Tips to Follow When Searching the Ideal Partner for Application Modernization

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Progressive companies are aware of the need of application modernization. They know that application modernization improves the performance, boost customer experience, lowers the costs, and increases the security. However, not many companies have the luxury and resources to undergo this. So, in this case, it is always advisable to partner up with a company that has the same expertise. One such company is Fresche. There are many more partners available. And in order to find the right one, you need to ask the right questions.

  • Can they transform your applications for the latest technologies?

Technology is fast and dynamic; ranging from the AI to the Internet of things, the robotic process automation to the Blockchain Technology, your application must be able to support and handle whatever process it undergoes and whatever is imminent. Your partner must always keep your application up to date with the latest technologies to assist you in accomplishing success in the future.

  • Do they see application modernization from a business point of view?

Many companies will take your applications and store them in the cloud. But this is not enough. To make the most of the application modernization, it is important to update the business processes. Your partner should be able to understand what your desired business outcomes are and then create an alignment of the application environment with those desired outcomes and not in the opposite way.

  • Do they have the necessary technical expertise in the solution your company relies on?

Every application and package is distinct. And no matter, if you are doing a lift and shift, enveloping them with an API layer or requirement of a full application customization as well as acquaintance with the nuances of the applications, is essential. Your partner is required to have the expertise in ERP, CRM, digital experience, database and productivity solutions so that you are aware of what critical systems are made available to your business.

  • Are they using the best practices and latest technologies for optimizing the performances?

Application modernization isn’t just a one-time process, it is a continuous and a holistic journey to ensure that your applications are operating optimally in your IT environment. Your partner is responsible to monitor and tweak your apps to make sure the performance is always at its peak to deliver better results.

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