5 Most Common Benefits of Using Email Address Validation and List Cleaning

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More and more companies are seeing the importance of email list cleaning and email address validation, with many users regularly using an email verifier or validation service to experience its benefits. Email verification is the most effective and proactive way to ensure that the information that you collect is accurate and genuine before you let it enter your database. This means that you get more opportunities to convert real users into paying customers. Accurate email address validation and list cleaning will definitely increase not only your conversion rate, but will also help establish an email deliverability strategy. Here are the benefits of using email address validation and list cleaning:

  1. Lessen your email bounce rate

This is the immediate benefit of email address validation – it lowers your email bounce rate. A bounce rate greater than 3-5% indicates that a list needs cleaning. Bounces are often caused by sending mail to invalid email addresses that are part of your list, causing these messages to go undelivered. Once you have your list cleaned and all email addresses are validated, you will be assured that nearly 97% of your emails will be delivered to their intended recipients.

  1. Save a large amount of money

Who would want to pay to send email messages to a bunch of non-existent addresses? Email address validation will reduce your overall marketing costs that are associated with your email marketing efforts. Every email sent equals dollars spent, so whenever a marketing message is sent to a nonexistent or inaccurate email address that represents wasted money. Through email address validation, the fake email addresses will be eliminated and will be replaced with genuine email addresses will lead to an overall higher return on investment for your efforts.

  1. Provides accurate campaign statistics

Any undeliverable email will never be opened, clicked or produce engagement. Keeping fake addresses that keep your email messages bouncing will not only hurt your sender reputation but will also provide you with an inaccurate reflection of your marketing efforts. List cleaning will remove addresses that are damaging your campaign statistics but also help you gather actionable data insights that can offer ideas for future campaign strategies or themes.

  1. Gives a more effective targeted marketing

Email address validation prevents you and your team from wasting valuable time in sending emails to bad leads and risking your sender reputation by emailing fake addresses. After doing a list cleaning, segmenting your list into active and inactive users will provide inspiration for better marketing strategies, as you’ll be able target each group with relevant messages that suit their interests. A validated email list will tell you who has engaged with or used your company’s services or products in the past, among many other insights.

  1. Increases conversion rates

Bad leads and undelivered emails will never lead to conversions. Email list cleaning not only removes bad leads on your database but also improves and increases your conversion rate. By removing the email addresses that will never convert and replacing them with new leads, the possibility of higher conversion rate follows.

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