ArchiverFS-The Best Archiving Solution For You

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ArchiverFS helps you in archiving your old files stored on the PC. Applicable for Windows file servers, it offers a massive scalability. Users don’t have to worry about the price of the software as it is inexpensive and costs less. If you want to know the price of ArchiverFS, you must visit their site and check out the cost. Apart from buying the software, you can get a subscription. A free license is also available with a restriction of 100 files for each job and you get 5 scheduled jobs. You will not get the benefit of support in the free version. Subscription is available for using 2 TB space annually. It will give you unlimited scheduled jobs.    

The problems of GDPR and data security that usually occur in archiving files are well addressed in this unique archiving solution. Thus, you can be sure that your files are safe and secure. The data is transferred without causing a huge footprint in the system thus it is an efficient archiver.

Users can control the way they migrate and store the files in this archiver. The database doesn’t store the files in it and it is not possible to remember the location of transferred data. There is no need of using any other software or system in the workstation or server to transfer the files in the archiver. The files are transferred to NAS, SAN or Cloud. It is also possible to archive the data in a UNC path.

The ArchiverFS needs to be installed in 64bit Windows. It doesn’t support the 32-bit version. The Windows should be 2003 onwards version. The setup is easy and a guide is available on the website that helps users in installing the software in the right way. If you have an older version of this archiver, you can update or upgrade it. For this, you need to uninstall the earlier version and install the latest version. Visit the webpage and click here for more information.

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