Boomr Time Clock App for Android Review

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Management of human resources is often the hardest task for managers and entrepreneurs, mainly because no two employees or workers are the same or have exact same jobs. If you are looking for a time clock app for Android that would simplify things, Boomr is the one to go for. This is one of the most well-rated employee time tracking software options available today, which has been adopted by over 35,000 in the US. Here’s a quick overview of Boomr.

About using Boomr

Boomr offers one-click employee self-onboarding, which is easily a great feature for small and large businesses alike. The experience is highly concentrated on handheld devices, so you can send texts, reminders, emails, in—app notifications to employees as how they should act or react to jobs, situations, and on-field scenarios. The android time clock app also further helps businesses in keeping up with the compliance matters and updates them on changes in federal and state laws. The built-in team messaging and communication of the app is also one of the best you can find, with the choice of geo-stamped timekeeping. Other features of this time clock for iPhone include real-time overtime watch alerts and reporting, automate workflow for all users and easy integration with QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, BambooHR, and Namely.

Boomr also wins the race for its easy-to-use interface and design. No matter the level of management, the app makes it simple to have a time clock and use it in the most precise manner. Knowing employees’ progress and taking stock of projects, tasks and situations has never been this easier, and the data can be generated in real time, which can be further used to evaluate performance and take corrective steps when required.

The whole process of employee time tracking gets simpler and more comprehensive with all aspects covered. Check Boomr now for details and get a demo.

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