Cash For Gold During Difficult Times

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Investing in jewellery is really smart idea. For one reason silver and gold will always appreciate over time, secondly it also makes women look really pretty with the right jewellery to compliment that nice office suit or evening dress. It makes women look very sophisticated and cultured with gold, this is the reason why Indians like me get gold jewellery at weddings as gifts instead of cash.

I for instance have been investing in jewellery as much as I can since I love pairing it with my different dresses that I wear everyday. Being an office girl in the central business district, with the right earrings and bracelet would really make me stand out among the ladies and also some of the men as well, since the business world is dominated by men and a few powerful women and I am happy to be one.

It was a good thing that I have invested much on jewellery, as life is never fair. Yesterday, I was among the most powerful women in the business circle but after our company was acquired by another strong player in the market, I was laid off since there was another with the same position as mine who was on the side of the acquisition so I have to step down gracefully. Though I know that I can find another job with a good position, I do not want to jump in immediately into another just for the sake of being employed but instead I wanted a job that I really wanted so that working would be such a joy that I would not feel I am working at all.

With three kids who I am personally supporting, it is quite an expensive and challenging task for me in between jobs. Here come my investments in jewellery to save the day. when the moment comes that we needed some financial support while I was still seeking for another job. So I exchanged some of the jewellery that I am not so attached with anymore for cash for gold and I got a really good deal. At first I was a bit shy of selling my gold jewellery at cash for gold but then as I were in need at that moment I thought of my kids and sold all the unwanted gold jewellery off. It was able to help us overcome this stage in our life and now I appreciated my investment so much.

After things fall into place and I now have a job again which I really loved, I went back to buy some different gold jewellery to replace the once that I sold in cash for gold. Jewellery and diamonds are indeed a girls best friend and I really find this friendship really comes in during the rainy days as it is very easy to liquidate unlike real estate investment that you could not sell it in an instant.

I am so glad I was raised and taught to buy and invest in Gold jewellery. Although you needed to keep your gold jewellery in secured place as you would not want it to be stolen it is definitely wise to own gold jewellery not only for looking good but to be sold off during those tough times such as mine I have shared with you today.

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