Characteristics of the Right Communication Tool for Your Business

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The distinction between personal and professional messages has become hazier among employees as most businesses still need to standardize and control how their teams communicate digitally. Approximately 70% of workers say they would rather be contacted by text, and 79% of professionals say they use WhatsApp for business-related communication.

The use of instant messaging and texting when unsupervised may seem harmless. However, the recent wave of WhatsApp fines levied by regulators against big Wall Street organizations highlights how crucial it is to designate an ideal communication channel that can monitor calls and record text message that staff members only use for work-related correspondence.

Characteristics of a Reliable Communication Tool

Text messaging and instant messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat are much more convenient and popular. These apps clearly have the advantage in terms of employee preference because they are mobile and user-friendly and don’t require cumbersome logins or a learning curve. And that is just one among the many things to consider in looking for the right tool.

Here are other things you should look out for when looking for when looking for the right communication tool:

Highly Secure

Businesses may be confident they have end-to-end encryption that can also do HK CSL PCCW text archiving if they invest in a platform such as Telegram, WeChat, or WhatsApp for corporate communication needs. Since only 14% of companies are adequately prepared to handle a cyberattack, customer and employee data must be safeguarded using the strongest encryption available.

However, it is important to remember that concerns about WhatsApp’s GDPR compliance have repeatedly surfaced with European regulators, so businesses need to stay ahead of the curve.


You must select a communication platform with an intuitive user interface that supports many languages in order to ensure accessibility for individuals with varying cultural backgrounds and skill levels. Support for many currencies is an additional useful feature when working with clients from abroad.

Proper documentation and support

When choosing a communication platform, you need to make certain that it has a dedicated customer service line. It must have comprehensive user documentation so that you can execute integrations, access different features, and make the most out of the app, as you will be using it extensively.Even the most carefully selected communication channel will need more than the current regulatory environment to pass muster. Additionally, as a firm, you must spend money on a recording system that has a robust way to retain text messages and multimedia files like TeleMessage to avoid the risk of tampering or deletion.


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