Different types of vinyl signs

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Even in this digital age, outdoor-based advertising and promotion continue to hold a dominating footing for businesses and markets. The reason behind this is that they continue to engage an audience and bring better results as a traditional means than most of the modern ones. However, these methods certainly do have a level of challenge with themselves that come along with the material used and the cost involved. This is where Vinyl comes in as a reliable option. Vinyl Sign Design [ออกแบบป้ายไวนิล, which is the term in Thai] is one of the very versatile options that come in this domain. Here are some of the different types of these designs on a print basis.

Painted by hands

Nowadays, printers have an upper hand in most of the printing aspects for advertising and promotional material. However, hand-painted designs have been a traditional method yet they have a significant effect in the aspect. Vinyl has often been chosen as a base for a workable canvas that is highly portable and is affordable too. Moreover, it has the opportunity to capture wonderful illustrations by professional artists which makes it an extremely valuable material.

Printed through screens

These print designs are actually more commonly spotted than the ones that are hand printed despite operating on a similar principle. It too involves the manual application of ink for the creation of graphics as well as letters. The only difference is that screens are able to produce great quality in terms of images, texts, and characters with the help of stencils for the application of layers of colors. Their sheer accuracy falls effective for commercial and large-scale banner printing.

Printing digitally through Inkjet printers

This is the modern-day printing technique that has made other methods obsolete in many aspects. It is based on a large formatting aspect. These printers utilize high quality pigments and materials that can withstand the effects of sun, rain, snow, etc. This makes them an ideal choice for an outdoor advertising option that is economically sound and entertains longevity as well.

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