Disadvantages of traditional smoking

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Today smoking is becoming a major threat to our society; many of the youths are facing several health problems because of that. The traditional way of smoking was very harmful; from this content, you will be able to find the harms of smoking to your health and wealth. Regular smoking can cause many diseases and many other harmful effects on our life. Many youngsters think that by smoking they look cool and day by day they will become addicted to smoking which results in many bad ways and many of them can’t able to quit smoking.

Disadvantages of traditional smoking

Smoking kills us every day or we can say it reduces our life minute by minute, the most dangerous disease that smoking causes is cancer, the name itself looks dangerous. Almost packets or pouches of smoking contain a content on them which tells us about its dangerous side and also tells us not to smoke but after that also people do smoking. Some of the smokers use bubbler for smoking for saving themselves from the problems that they face from cigarettes and all that.

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It can damage the respiratory system

It has been observed that the people who smoke daily or twice a day can’t able to breathe properly or like a normal person and weakness is also observed in that type of person. Hemoglobin of smokers will not help them to recover their body damages and the blood clotting power becomes too slow. The bubbler can help us in decreasing all these harmful effects and can save us from many damages that smoking gives us.

It can damage brain system

Smoke will dissolve in our blood cells and it reaches to our brain and it affects our memory or our thinking power and the person not able to work properly. The smocking can harm our eye site too or it can harm our vision, in this situation that person will not able to identify the things clearly.

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