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In the present time, there are a lot of movies coming throughout the year. Some of them are really good and some are full of mysteries especially the science fictions. There are some really good theories explained in these movies in extra ordinary ways that might not be understood by you at once. Going to the movie theater means a lot of spending of money. And in theater you probably go with your friends after boozing that can also spoil the entertainment that the movie is giving. But this is an easy way that is available to watch again a particular movie. You can download any movie via torrent. If you are having an apple device then too it is not a problem. There are some very good clients available that show the best torrent sites for Mac.

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For better convenience you can download the folx. For making the downloading easy for you, here is a list of best torrent sites for Mac, from where you can download any video, movie, pictures, or any other file  mentioned below that is trusted and free from any type of malware that can harm your system:

  • The pirate bay: This is the oldest torrent site available since a very long time on the internet. As for its presence, it has nearly all of the content that you can download from it. It has more than 5 million users. You can download almost any movie, game, music video, software etc.
  • EZTV: This is the owner of highly popular resources of TV shows. It may show a lot of added content but it can find any TV show on it. You can download any episode instantly after it is aired of the TV networks.
  • Demonoid: This website never shows the fake torrents on it. This is the best for those persons who like to search torrent in their spare time.

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