Expansion joints are safe and they increase security standards

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Security levels must always be high and they are mandatory for all. Better security standards ensure that no accidents occur and even in the case of any disaster the residents or others can escape easily. The fire rated expansion joint is the best options in these cases.

These are generally required in commercial buildings and every company and working areas must use these joints. There are thermal changes that can lead to movements in the building and other reasons like wind sway and seismic movements can also lead to the same. These joints help in maintaining the same level of the building. The floor level remains the same nut the hour levels must be maintained in the case of joints.

There are three main types of fire rated expansion joint and they are mentioned below:

  1. Pre compressed seals are the first type and these are integrated and coated joints that are new in the industry and are being used currently. Generally, these joints are used on six inches and less area and after this they provide fifty percent compression movement. The seals that are available in joint can be fitted vertically and if required they can also be fitted horizontally. They can be kept exposed and below the metal plated as well. Apart from this, it is water resistant and the face is made up of silicon that can be colored for match the surface color.
  2. Next are the barrier systems these joints used compressed ceramic blanket made up of fiber and these are also helpful in providing fire rating. These systems are heavy and they are more capable than the compressed seals because they can handle the joints of thirty two inches and more. Apart from this, the movement capacity is also more in these systems and there is also a range of motion capacity that can be achieved by installing these systems. The application is similar to the above mentioned seals because they can also be used vertically and horizontally. However, a metal plate is required in order to attain the rating.
  3. Mineral wool is the third type of fire rated system and this is generally compressed with the joints and is covered with the help of a seal. These are used when the area or the joint is smaller and maximum it can be used on 4 inches. The range of movement and motion is limited in this case. These are maximum used on the floor assembly.

Find the way online-

If the person is willing to purchase these systems then the online mode is good because comparison becomes easy. There are many sites which are selling these products and it is easy to check the brand and the specifications.

People can also get connected directly with the experts and they will assist the buyers at every point. IF required then the sellers will also arrange technicians for fitting purposes. Therefore, it is better to check it online rather than visiting every shop and company.

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