Few ways of getting your app featured in an application store

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It’s one thing to turn a unique problem-solving idea into an innovative app with the potential to benefit thousands of eager users. It’s another thing completely to connect with those enthusiastic users so they can start enjoying your genius solution. For all this you need to get the new app featured in the application store. This will not only boost visibility but will also increase the download of the apps.

Recent studies show that about 2.2 million apps are featured on App Store, but there isn’t any sure shot way to get Apple to notice your app. However, the best mobile app development company in Dubai having a team of expert app developers who follow the below mentioned feature ideas to attract a range of audience to your app.

  • Start at the beginning: Ensure that your app stands out of the crowd in its idea. You can find apps for almost everything today. Analyse your app and perceive it’s USP. Check out whether your app solves a problem, or engages new users in a new way, find out the unique thing about your app that others don’t do or do in an exclusive way.
  • Consider App Store Optimization (ASO): Quite a similar term to SEO, ASO helps your app to be discovered on the app store. You need to follow the some ASO tricks. These include using apt keywords in the app title, bullet listing its features in the description, a simple, but unique icon for the app, relevant keywords in the description, and many others.
  • Allow visual search: This is quite an obvious way to discover your app on the application that is often overlooked. Whenever you are looking for an app on the application store, you type in the search bar. As you do this a list of apps pops up and you search without typing and only by looking at the visuals. This is called visual search and is another best way to get your app discovered.
  • Reviews & Ratings: people will always check for the reviews and ratings of the app before downloading it. Therefore, positive ratings and reviews is another good method to increase downloads. Also, word of mouth counts the most, therefore engage more and more users, so they spread good word about your app.
  • Use Progressive Web App: Because a progressive web app combine the best features of native apps and web apps and make use of modern web capabilities, you will not have to compete with millions of apps out there. Make use of apt keywords to raise the SEO strategy and get high ranking.

The topmost mobile app development company is Minds Metricks. It boasts a team of expert app developers in the city. Not only will they build a successful business app for your organization, but also ensures of getting it featured on the mobile app store by making use of the ways mentioned above.

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