Five Lubrication Tips You Must Know

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Many people who operate heavy machinery equipment often ignore the importance of lubrication. Others know its importance, but they do it the wrong way. This post will look at some of the basics of lubrication you should observe.

Get the Right Type of Lubricant

There are hundreds of lubrication products out there. As a result, you must be able to distinguish between good and bad ones to be on the safer side. There are two major categories of lubrication products. These are oil and grease. Your selection depends on what you are planning to lubricate. Grease is mainly used to lubricate smaller parts of equipment. Oil used in almost any area of the equipment. If you choose to lubricate using grease, then go for a nitro 9 – Molybdenum disulphide grease. It is made of 85 percent pure oil, making it more effective. Above all, check with the original manufacturer first to see if there are specific types of lubricants recommended for the equipment.

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Consider Quality

Industrial equipment is very expensive. You want to make sure your equipment lasts for the longest time possible with minimal maintenance and repairs. This is only possible if you take good care of your equipment and use high quality lubricants. The lubricant must meet the specifications put in place by the original manufacturer and pass the ASTM tests. Never use price as a key determining factor when choosing a lubricant. Cheap lubricants are made using low quality substances, which can damage your equipment.

Use Grease Sparingly

In case you are using grease, then you need to apply considerable amounts. Too much greasing can reduce the performance of the equipment and increase the rate at which it consumes power. This is especially common with electric motors. Check the original manufacturer’s specifications to see how much grease you should apply on the equipment. You might want to use a grease gun to help you add the right amount of lubrication.

Apply the Lubrication Properly

Most of us fail to apply lubrication at the right places. If you don’t lubricate the right places, you risk ignoring certain parts of the machine that need lubrication most. You also risk applying lubrication on parts that do not require it. In most cases, the mistake goes unnoticed until a problem occurs. To avoid such problems, it is good to label every part of the equipment that require lubrication. It is also recommended you use different container for each lubricant you purchase. Do not mix your lubricants with additive packages.

Choose the Right Time

You need to choose the right time for lubrication. Don’t just lubricate any time you feel like. There must be intervals in which you grease. If possible, create a chart to help you track the frequency at which you grease. You can also check the original manufacturer’s specifications to see recommended lubrication frequencies.

The lifespan of your equipment depends on how well you take care of it. One of the major items that should be in your maintenance checklist is lubrication. Make sure you choose the right type of lubricant and consider its quality before you purchase it. Also, come up with a chart to help you maintain a uniform lubrication routine.

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