Forex Automated Strategies: Key Things You need to Consider

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Forex automated strategies are methods of trading different foreign currencies with a computer program. You can improve the system by programming it make decisions based on a set of signals. However, you can also choose from already-made automated strategies. When you do that, here are four of the most important things to consider.


One of the very first things that you should look at when choosing a Finance Brokerage Broker Review forex automated trading strategy is their description. The goal is to find out what the strategy stands for and to check out the main logic behind the strategy.

It is quite useful to take into account the profit target, risk and stop loss, momentum, range, trend, and breakout. Be careful and scrutinize the description of each strategy.

Additionally, don’t ever underestimate the importance of the market conditions for each type of trading strategy. Usually, strategies are created to work well only in certain market environments. That means it may be complicated to find strategies that will work well in all market environments.

Entry and Exit

You should also take time to ponder on the entry and exit signals within an automated forex strategy. You should understand the general logic of the strategy but you should not also overestimate each LBLV Forex Broker trade that the strategy does.

After all, the strategy is basically the inception of hundreds or even thousands of trades that will come. It is more of a collection of trades that we must focus on instead of individual trades.

When reviewing trades, place all of your winning and losing trades in separate groups. Find the average winner or average loser, and find strategies that provide higher average winners than average losers.


There are two different kinds of market conditions that may have several variations – trending and non-trending markets.

These two conditions are mutually exclusive. When the market is trending, the prices are steadily and positively making progress. An uptrend can be seen and a whole amount of higher highs and higher lows are present. For downtrends, there will be lower lows and lower highs.

Meanwhile, non-trending  or ranging markets are not moving up or down. Rather, they trade flatly or sideways.  What you need to focus on is which kind of condition brings your automated trading strategy to a good level of prosperity. Afterwards, you need to find the market in which the market will work best.


In many instances, traders expect too much from automated trading strategies before using them. These high expectations push the trader to apply too high a leverage to the trade. It is pretty typical for traders to only focus on the positives and ignore the potential losses. You should always keep in mind that leverage should be used only in healthy amounts.

If you are being careful and you’re still starting out, you may want to use less leverage at five times the amount or smaller. If the trade goes south, you will only lose a small portion of your capital and you will still have a lot of ammo left to trade another day.

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