Franking machines costs are competitive.

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In an age where technology is supplanting old methods the adoption of a franking machine costs less than business owners might think. The same applies for franking machine supplies.

Times are changing.

Dare we say it? Stamps are becoming outdated.

Even Royal Mail is keen to urge business leaders towards technology because this saves money on stamp manufacturing.

A franking machine negates the need for the ritual of queuing at the post office because the post can be managed on site and Royal Mail offer a free collection service for high volume franking machine users.

Again this saves overall franking machine costs and logistical, time concerns.

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User friendly.

Franking machines are user friendly and once staff are trained the process of altering the settings on the machine to accommodate the style of postal service, for example special delivery or normal post, the size, shape and weight of the items is simple.

Franking machine prices are designed to ensure that using stamps is a less cost effective option.

There is a wide range of franking machines designed for all levels of usage.

From light users to high volume mailers customers have the option to buy or lease their franking machine and a business should establish their postal requirements.

This includes potential increases in business and marketing campaigns to make the franking machine prices and models work in their best interests.


Independent and accredited franking machine and franking machine supplies companies like IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston have a selection of options which should meet any customer’s requirements taking in to account their budget and usage levels.

Professionals will be happy to advise and illustrate the pros and cons of models.

Franking machine supplies.

These are quick and easy to order and many lease contracts stipulate that the leasing firm must supply all additional franking machine products.

This means there’s no shopping around seeking out the best deals and comparisons of numerous franking machine supplies firms with their varying service levels and franking machine prices.

Think of the future.

You may have heard of Royal Mail’s Mailmark franking service. It’s new, uses high end SMART technology and touchscreens.

It is the most economical option with regard to franking machine prices for postage and Royal Mail are steering clients toward this efficient and intelligent innovation.

The traditional crown and die image has been replaced by a readable barcode which accelerates the processing time.

Royal Mail’s next goal is to make their mail through SMART franking machines and Mailmark easy to track wherever it is in the system.

The Mailmark compatible franking machines will supersede the less advanced franking machine models over time.

If your business invests in one now the franking machine prices for simpler facilities may be appealing but they won’t necessarily be operational or cost effective in a few years so it is worth buying or leasing a SMART franking machine.

Stamps are yesterday’s tool. Say hello to better post management with a franking machine.

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