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Contacting the sales department or service center, the client forms an attitude towards the whole company as a whole. Gradually, companies come to the understanding that they sell not only products or services, but also “themselves as a reliable and profitable partner”. Thus, the issue of increasing customer loyalty and building long-term relationships cannot be resolved by improving the work of one of the departments. The free crm software comes perfect there.

The Agenda

On the agenda is the issue of integrating all the ropes of marketing communications with the consumer of the company’s products and services.

The Right Facts

Here are some facts. Most Fortune 500 companies lose 50% of their customers every 5 years. About 50% of the company’s existing customers are unprofitable due to inefficient interaction with them. Most customers in a number of industries in the West pay off only after a year of working with them. A satisfied client will tell about their successful experiences to an average of five of his acquaintances, unsatisfied – at least ten.

  • These facts indicate that shifting the efforts of companies from attracting new customers to retaining existing ones and improving the quality of work with them allows achieving a much greater effect than with the traditional approach – attracting as many new customers as possible. This idea is one of the key in the concept of Customer Relationship Management. In case of the email management  this is important now.

Knowing a customer who is profitable or not profitable is the essence of this is one of the most popular business lines today. Offer special conditions to those who spend a lot of money in your company, and reduce the cost of servicing those who spend a little – these are the principles of CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) brings together many disciplines and puts them on a technological basis (recording information in a database and using specialized software to process this kind of information). The information obtained can be used to find ways to get additional profit from the client or to improve the quality and efficiency of service.

The Concept

The concept of CRM originates from relationship marketing and the basics of database management and direct sales. The current rise in interest in customer relationship management and the emergence of specialized software have been driven by a significant increase in competition and increased customer requirements for suppliers of products and services. In case of the faculty information management this is important now.

They expect from you, and more than they expect, and only then determine how technology can help you with this. CRM-system allows you to optimally organize the marketing management of the company: conduct marketing activities, manage marketing activities. 

The Last Words

The effectiveness of the marketing policy can be assessed using the CRM system, as the company focuses on customer data during promotions and campaigns.

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