Guidelines for Guest Blogging and How to See the Best Results

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Guest blogging is not new. In fact, it is as old as blogging but it was only in the recent years when the concept of it for branding, link building and authority building exploded in tremendous popularity.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits offered by guest blogging, you have to know that there are certain rules to follow so you will do it the right way. There are guidelines that you should follow for proper guest blogging. You can view full list of guest blogging sites here.

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  • Practice politeness in your pitch. Bear in mind that no one owes you anything. You might be thinking you are a great blogger that has a lot to offer but other bloggers might not have a clue on who you area. Always keep your pitch straight to the point and short. Allow the blogger to know want you want to write about and who you are. Make sure to do this in a professional, polite manner.
  • Follow the guidelines on guest blogging. Most blogs have guidelines intended for guest bloggers. Such guidelines dictate the number of words the post should be, the number of links it accepts to include and the types of topics you can blog about. You should always follow these guidelines exactly if you want your guest post to be accepted right away.
  • Deliver the guest post on the date you promised. If the owner of the blog accepts your pitch, you will be asked when they can have the post read by. They usually have a blog schedule to follow. So if you promised them a certain date to post, make sure to deliver.
  • Avoid littering your post with links. While guest blogging is good for building links back into your site, that does not necessarily mean you should be bombarding your post with tons of links to all the pages on your site. Remember that you don’t only guest blog for the links. Consider that as an added benefit of guest blogging. Simply limit the number of links to two to three guest post even if the blogger does not have specific rules for it.
  • Guest blog only the best post. Do not rush into posting a short, sloppy guest post just for the sake of getting your name popular or getting some links. Bear in mind that this is going to be your introduction to new readers. Do not risk posting a blog that is not great. It will only damage the name you are starting to build. Also take the time to learn more about the power of domain authority and why it will play a role in the value of the sites you submit content to.
  • Make sure to stay around to reply to the comments. You surely are hoping your guest post will get some comments. If there are comments added, spare some time responding to them. Interact with the entire community and respect if you are getting debates with people making the comments.
  • Be grateful to the blogger for giving you the opportunity to post your blog on theirs. Thank every guest blogging opportunity given to you. It is indeed a big deal for them to hand you the keys to their blog. Do not forget to thank the blogger for the guest post they accept.
  • Thank the blogger for the opportunity — Be grateful for every guest blogging opportunity you get. It’s a big deal for someone to hand you the keys to their blog for a day. Always thank the blogger for accepting your guest post.
  • Return the favor — I always like to return the favor by asking the blogger if they’d like to submit a guest post to my blog. They might not always take you up on the offer, but it’s good form to at least give them the opportunity.

What are some of your rules for guest blogging etiquette?

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