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The consumer market is evolving throughout the years. Today’s modern consumers are connected and more tech-savvy than previous generations. To cater to these types of consumers, businesses must adapt their marketing plans to include strategies that are on-point with current trends.

Cloud Marketing for Modern Customers

First, it is important to look at modern consumer trends and behaviors. With the emergence of IoT technologies and smart devices, these customers are more connected and have access to online sources. On a global level, device and internet usage has gone up tremendously over the years. This shaped the way people shop and search products and services.

Current figures from industry experts indicate a boost in numbers to global internet use. As of 2017, nearly 4 billion people are accessing the internet for various reasons. With their population base, countries such as the United States and China account more hundreds of millions of internets users. These countries typically have a growing e-commerce and online market due to the sheer number of internet and device users. Billions are also utilizing social media platforms and online sites, as compared to decades ago when digital access was limited to a portion of the global population.

Importance of Cloud Marketing

But how can businesses utilize these data sets to their advantage? Marketing and communications represent one of the most essential processes in running and operating a business. Models and strategies vary but to generate sales, businesses mustmarket their products and services. Today, cloud marketing, as used by entities such as Salesforce, have become mainstream.

Cloud marketing represents the whole gamut of digital experiences as related to promotion and advertising products and services. The target market for the experience are the current generation of tech-savvy customers. These customers spend a chunk of their time visiting Facebook and other social media platforms and e-commerce sites to shop for consumer products. They have access to a digital device such as a smartphone or laptop for this purpose.

Innovative Hybrid

Cloud marketing combines traditional and innovative strategies to reach out to customers. Since the method taps into online platforms, it has been promoted as a more cost-effective way of advertising products. Marketing budgets are not used for television or radio ads or for printing materials for newspapers and magazines, instead, they go toward developing content for digital platforms. Developing, uploading, or sending out the advertising content to customers is also faster compared to traditional marketing methods. It also allows for a more customizable experience.

Businesses must be responsive to the growing needs of an evolving market. Management and marketing professionals must understand the new complex interests and trends that are shaping the market. These include a changing customer base and increasing access to digital devices and apps. Tapping into the applicable technology, tools, and apps can help bring the consumer experience to the ideal level. By doing so, businesses would be able to sustain their client base and attract more customers.

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