Here is all the information you need to choose between the rOtring 800 and the rOtring 600

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Do you want to get a fresh mechanical pencil? You’re at a loss as to which is better: the rOtring 600 or the rOtring 800. More than anything else, choosing between the two pencils boils down to personal preference. Always keep in mind that various people have different expectations and writing styles. Yet, the Rotring 800 is your best choice if you’re a writer on the go since its tip can be retracted (or sketcher).

I’ll first go through all the ways these pens are same and distinct from one another to assist you decide which Rotring is ideal for you. Here are all that you need to know about rotring 800 vs 600.

rOtring 600 and rOtring 800 comparison Think About the Similarities Between

You probably won’t be shocked to find that there aren’t many differences between the rOtring 600 and rOtring 800 if you’re already a devoted stationery enthusiast. You can be sure that using any of their products will be an incredibly smooth and gratifying experience since this manufacturer is like the Bentley of mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens.

Snub Nose of Hexagonal

The first thing that draws attention is the exquisitely carved hexagonal barrel, and it is obvious that rOtring given careful consideration to the future while developing it. The 600 and 800’s unusual form prevents it from unintentionally slipping off the table when set down. This may seem like a little point, but it really makes the difference. After a few years, you want a pencil that won’t break, correct? The pen’s hexagonal barrel makes it less likely to shatter if it falls off your desk, hence increasing its use life.

Knurled Clamping Device

You should not fret if you are concerned that writing in a hexagon will be challenging for you. The nib takes on a cylindrical form as you go closer, which makes it more pleasant to grasp and use. Hence, holding it in this position is simpler for the user’s hands. Additionally, the piece seems more organic because to its knurled texture. It doesn’t feel gritty as other low-quality goods do, though. Instead, it is all-natural, so even if you use it often, it won’t irritate your skin. While it could have been rOtring’s honest mistake, we discovered that the knurled grip made it extremely useable even when it was wet. Even if your fingers and thumbs are moist, it won’t slide out of your hand because to the anti-slip properties of the ridges.

The mouse’s button

Both the rOtring 800 and the rOtring 600  versions come with a clicker that has one of the most cutting-edge designs and features. These costs are really much more ludicrously excessive than those of the aforementioned products. By pushing only one button, you can quickly add additional rounds to the barrel.

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