How Fast Does the IT Industry Tracks Software Development- Anju Vallabhaneni Shares his Views

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Ask any of the companies and their CEOs in the IT industry, and you’ll find all of them looking for ways which will allow them to develop and build software faster. Of all the resources that these IT companies hire, time is the most valuable of all, and they make sure to maximize on time every single day. There are multiple companies which are found to be budding, and in few years they slow down and die. Only those, who could pace up the development find it essentially surviving.

There are quite a few conditions which have seemed to be exciting to Anju Vallabhaneni, and he wants his clients to understand it. In most of the companies, there are dozens of talented developers who have the experience to work on multiple domains. Even though the product has got huge potential, it somehow fails to penetrate the market it wanted to. So there’s no point if the vision is great and the execution is not. Speed in software development has always been a complicated entity in the market. You rush too much, the project gets ways beyond your scope, you go slow, and you fail to meet the deadline. Achieving the right speed to trigger the right progress is what the market demands, and it is indeed a skill for every company in the IT industry.

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Speed and Its Sides- Know In Details From Anju Vallabhaneni

The most common of all mistakes that the companies commit is they consider speed to be one single entity, which in reality is not. One who would draw an analogy with the sporting activity can realize it well. The short-term speed which is more like the sprints help you to achieve the daily goals, and the long-term speed, which is more like a Marathon allows you take a look at the bigger picture. The constant battle between the Sprint and Marathon is what poses the toughest challenge, and every professional in the IT industry might comply with this.

One of the major parameters to improve speed is skill growth- the more a developer is skilled, the better he writes down the code, and faster it gets. In between an extremely skilled developer and a comparatively less skilled one, audit report says, the productivity makes a difference of 10 times the original. So what is the most obvious way to increase the skill of the developers? Hiring the best-skilled ones is a very common way of solving this problem, but it might fall heavy on a budget of the business at times.

However, constant training and rigorous project involvement have worked out well in increasing the skills of a developer. This is a marathon run that business involves in, but considering the return on investments, this can indeed prove to be an effective way of achieving success. Anju Vallabhaneni has always favored this, for he believes that it is a constant learning process that triggers the curiosity, which in turn allows a man to learn more.

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