How Motion Graphics Helps Brands to Connect with Customers

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Many brands seem to connect with customers easily while others struggle. The brands that do this effortlessly are those that have found ways of connecting with their clients emotionally. Brands that tend to be more cautious while avoiding risks also struggle creating the right connection with customers. Brands that struggle in this area should embrace motion graphics.

How does the graphics help to create the desired connection between brands and clients?

Create emotionally captivating graphics

As stated earlier, connection between clients and brands has to take place at the emotional level. Motion graphics help brands to create emotionally captivating content. They grab the clients’ attention. They affect and influence clients at the emotional level too. They take clients on an emotional journey based on the experiences depicted.

Distill information effectively

There is a place for long paragraphs and written material. At times, connecting well with customers revolves on the ability to pass information in a concise manner. Motion graphics is highly effective at not only distilling information but also making it easier for clients to understand what brands are trying to pass across.

Brands that offer the following services enjoy this benefit the most:

a)      tutorials

b)      processes

c)      data visualization

d)     abstract concepts

Passive experience

Marketers and researchers have discovered that consumers tend to spend an average of six hours watching videos online each week. Videos are just attractive in many ways. Motion graphics offer the chance to avoid reading too much stuff or exploring data. The graphics remove the need for exerting too much mental energy too.

Easy to repurpose

Motion graphics are editable. Brands can use them for any purpose they deem fit. They can prepare them for one purpose before changing into a different one. They ensure that a digital marketing campaign can continue longer than was originally envisioned. It’s also possible to break the video up into several parts and use each segment for a different purpose.

The graphics can be repurpose for each specific target group.

Perfect when time is a major issue

Many brands can run out of time thus making it harder for them to do anything meaningful on the marketing front. That shouldn’t be of much concern for brands that have already embraced motion graphics, which include images and videos. The longest graphics run for roughly 3 minutes. The shortest are around 2 seconds.

Graphics are perfect for making immediate impact.

Start using motion graphics today to create the much-needed connection with your clients.

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