How much does Quillbot cost?

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Quillbot is a tool to generate readable content by rewriting sentences from existing articles. It is an artificial intelligence paraphrasing tool that rewrites the content more accessible for you to read, understand and learn.

But what matters to the users is how much they need to spend if they opt to use the various modes offered by the application. Let’s review the Quillbot pricing before its implementation.

One of the most incredible things about Quillbot is they offer a pretty generous free plan that can be used if you have a tight budget. At the same time, it has limitations that keep it from its maximum use.


Modes :

 You can sign up for free and access the three modes: standard, fluency, and creative.

Standard: It is the default mode. It makes changes in your text that makes it look natural.

Fluency: This mode will make the slightest changes in your text and be grammatically correct.

Creative: As the name suggests, it will make maximum changes in the text and make it creative compared to the original text.

Word limit :

The user can only paraphrase up to 400 words at once.

Character limit :

The summarizer allows only 5000 characters at one time.

sentence processor :

Only two sentences can be processed at once.


Monthly plan: You will be charged $14.95 per month.

Semi-annual plan: If you choose to subscribe to a semi-annual plan, you need to pay $59.95 every month for six months. ($9.99 per month per year )

Annual plan: you will be charged $79.95 for an annual subscription.( $6.67 per month )

Quillbot pricing is not too expensive if you have an appropriate budget and use it wisely. The content depends upon the model you choose.

The premium plan gives access to four different modes, which are listed below :

Creative plus: It is the advanced version of creative mode. It will make more intuitive changes.

Formal: This mode helps you rewrite your text in a standard approach. This mode is generally suitable in work or business scenarios.

Shorten: As the name suggests, this mode will shorten your content without changing the original meaning.

Expand: This mode is the opposite of shortening mode. It helps you expand or add more words to your original text to increase the word count.

Since the Quillbot review finds differentiation in the features and pricing, let’s look at more advanced features.

The summariser tool : 

Quillbot reviews summarise tool helps you extract the essential information from the main text and summarise it in a shorter version. It has two types of summarizations,

key sentences: This mode grabs the input and gives you the most important sentences.

Paragraph: It will take the input text and summarize it into a paragraph. It creates natural texts in the form of sections.

In the free version. The summarised character limit is 5000 characters, whereas, in a premium version, it is up to 25000 characters.

Free version

The free version gives you a restricted experience :

  • 700 character paraphraser limit.
  • Only two sentences can be processed at once
  • Three levels of synonym options
  • Two writing modes
  • Support chrome and doc extensions 

premium version

The Premium version of Quillbot offer

  • 10,000 character paraphraser limit
  • Up to 15 sentences processed at once
  • Four levels of synonym options
  • Six different writing modes
  • Unlimited freeze words and phrases
  • Support for Chrome & Doc Extensions

But the best part is you can always choose to opt-out from the premium plan if you are not satisfied with the service.

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