How Smart Road Construction Tech Will Keep Drivers & Crews Safer

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The world is becoming smarter and connected than ever. That means there’s a lot of technological innovations to look forward to. In the construction industry, aside from keeping the workers safe, it’s equally important to ensure that the drivers and crews stay safe as well, especially during road construction. Fortunately, with smart construction tech, that’s not far from reality, and here’s why.

The Integration of Smart Technology to Traffic Safety Devices

It’s the responsibility of project managers to ensure that everyone stays safe, and that’s why they have been looking for new technologies, and one of which is the smart traffic cone lights that flash in sequence, and a simple construction cone that are embedded with sensors. Both are part of the construction team’s ongoing efforts to come up with smart work zones.

For example, the smart traffic cones don’t merely flash to alert the rivers, but they also blink in sequence, starting from the first cone to the last, and it repeats from the first-to-last-order. This allows the drivers to see the condition of their lanes and if it’s already time to move over.

Aside from that, these lights can also be attached to almost every kind of traffic cone, and they are already pre-programmed. That means if the cones have been knocked offer, then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all, because these lights would wirelessly resynch themselves using Bluetooth technology, ensuring that they’ll still be blinking in proper order all throughout.

Common Concerns

Some drivers think that because of this, there’s a possibility that they’re going to get numb as it would be on the same lane-closure warnings. However, that’s not really the case. Basically, during a typical night, workers usually utilize 3-4 reflective cones, and if these have been accidentally knocked over, then there would still be some that are still working.

The worker alert system is another remarkable innovation that’s undergoing testing. This is quite easy to set up, and considered to be an instrumental part of a smart work zone.

Even though there’s a huge tendency that drivers would eventually get fed up with the same lane-closure warnings they see on a regular basis, this is something that would save their lives. During a typical night, accidents do happen a lot, because it’s tough to see the surroundings, and if someone is there.

With technology, this can eventually be resolved. For example, construction crews could set up air-filled tube across the ground on the edge of a work zone, and that means, if a vehicle runs across the machine, then the alarm would notify those, lessening the occurrence of accidents.

Wireless signals would also emit loud sirens and bright flashing lights that would tell everyone.

Lastly, regarding data collection, some construction experts are a little bit skeptic regarding technological innovations– if it’s capable of keeping the industry safe. The truth is, although there’s still a lot to be done, one thing is for sure, it would be able to achieve that with the right research and application.

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