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There is not a moment that goes by in the modern world when someone, somewhere is not utilizing a mobile app. These days, our whole lives basically revolve around the use of mobile apps, and we use them for everything- from simple entertainment, to complex business matters. Although many younger people use these apps just to play video games or chat with their friends, many adults have come to realize the importance in using mobile apps to save time, save money, and get more things accomplished throughout our day.

I sometimes reflect on the good old days of needing to get somewhere if your car was in for repairs. First, you would have had to find a payphone, make sure you had some quarters on you, call a taxi service, and wait for them to eventually to arrive, with almost no clue of when you would see them. Of course, nowadays, if you need somewhere to be and no way to get there on your own, you can simply open a mobile app and request a driver. That mobile app will then give you all of the information pertaining to your ride, including the name of the driver, a photo of that driver as well as the vehicle to look for, and even the license plate. Kind of makes you wonder why we were willing to enter the vehicles of strangers before today. Additionally, the ride hailing type of mobile app accesses your device’s GPS in order to track your entire trip and can be extremely helpful if you are traveling on an unfamiliar route.

Yet another increasingly popular use case for the mobile app in most people’s daily lives is its ability to simplify the service of food delivery. Past food delivery options were so limited, with only pizza places and some Chinese restaurants being the only options for most of us back in the day. Now, we are so lucky to be able to have our food delivered to us from almost any restaurant we choose, and it is all thanks to the advancement of mobile apps. So, next time you have somewhere to be and are able to request a private driver to take you there in minutes, or if you are hungry and are able to order food from your favorite seafood restaurant to be delivered to your front door, take a moment to appreciate the ways that mobile apps have improved our lives.

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