Mobile Fridge Hire When The Unexpected Happens.

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Sometimes the unexpected iswonderful and at other times it can cause a workplace disaster.

There is a day when luck blesses you with a huge party order that means your restaurant will be filled to capacity without having to open its doors to passers-by but you’ll need additional fridge space.

Fate’s counter action to this is that there will be another day when your reliable, trustworthy, hardworking fridge goes to fridge heaven leaving you without adequate refrigeration.For both circumstances you need an effective answer and this lies in the hands of expert service providers like Ice Cool Trailers.

They will happily share in your good fortune and provide mobile fridge hire so that an extra cool storage space can be parked by the kitchens for staff or in a garden space or on the terrace for convenient canapés and drinks supply.

The extra fridge trailer space will inevitably make food preparation ahead of the party and food quality maximisation so much easier and there’ll be no impact on the work space indoors or a fight for space and stock rotation to keep items fresh.

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As you’ll appreciate, food can quickly go past its best in a warm environment and even at room temperature. Plus, it shouldn’t become a dining invitation to flies and wasps so simply placing it outside on a table in the shade isn’t practical.

Mobile fridge hire companies frequently offer a 24/7 emergency fridge hire service that will help you to avert disaster, cost implications and stock loss caused by a faulty or non-functional fridge.

Many firms have been in business for long enough to comprehend that their most effective levels of service can offer a reduction of stress as much as restoring a kitchen to full working order. Mobile fridge hire could save you from losing business and stock. You can’t trade effectively when the food and environment aren’t health and safety compliant.

You may be wondering whether getting an engineer to make an emergency visit would be a better use of your money but is there any guarantee that an engineer…

  • Will make their visit within a short time.
  • Resolve the issue on the first visit.
  • Not have to order parts that take days to arrive.
  • Get the fridge to work – ever.
  • Give more than “I hope not” or “probably” when asked if the fault could reoccur.

How do you know that an engineer won’t…

  • Advise you obtain a new fridge to save on overall expenditure.
  • Suggest that you consider fridge hire for the foreseeable future.
  • Tell you that overfilling the fridge caused the problem. You need more capacity.
  • Hear the word “emergency” but tell you that it’ll be tomorrow before they can make a visit, or longer, if you’re not a customer of theirs.
  • Don’t hike their prices up for emergencies.

You need efficient cost effective mobile fridge hire for good days and bad, so who you gonna call?

Of course!

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