Most Common DIY Appliance Repairs

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We’ve all been there when our favorite appliance breaks and it feels like the end of the world. The thoughts of how expensive it’s going to be to get fixed and how long it will take are running uncontrollably through your mind. Instead of thinking about hiring someone else to do the repair job, why not do it yourself? There are many common appliance repairs that you can do and only spend money on the parts to complete the job.

Unless you eat out every single night of the week, it’s likely that you utilize a stove burner to cook your meals. These are great when they work, however, it can feel like a tragedy when they don’t. If you notice one of your burners is not getting hot, while all the others are working fine, it’s likely a bad burner or socket. A quick trip online will help you to decipher which part of the burner is bad. You can go online to purchase your new appliance parts and install them yourself within a couple of minutes.

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Your garbage disposal is probably one of the most important parts of your kitchen sink. It keeps you from having to stand over the trash bin and scrape every single dish clean. However, the day the switch doesn’t turn on can be a horrifying one. Once you calm down, you can go through a checklist of potential problems to easily find a viable solution to get your disposal back up and running like usual. The first thing you want to do is hit the reset button. This can be found on the bottom of the garbage disposal container. If the reset button doesn’t solve the problem, it’s likely there is a faulty part as the culprit. You should run through the list of the stopper, start switch, and actuator. Diagrams of these parts can be found online so you know where to look.

The dreaded air conditioner failing in the Summertime can be a real disaster. Fortunately, if you take the time to evaluate the issue, it’s likely you can have it fixed and back to working order in no time. If the unit completely stops running, it’s likely a breaker or fuse blew. Simply check your electrical box to see which problem it is. If water starts dripping into your home, it’s typically because you have a blocked drain, or the air conditioner is positioned at the wrong angle. You can clean the drain hole effectively with a pin or coat hanger, depending on the size. You’ll find the drain near the collector pan on the bottom of the air conditioner.

There are many appliance problems that can happen to any homeowner. Understanding how these problems are identified and fixed can mean the difference between paying hundreds of dollars for a repairman or paying only a small percentage of that cost on parts. It’s in your best financial interests to learn how to fix some common appliance problems that may happen in your home.

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