Reasons to Buy Used Instead of New Cosmetic Lasers

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When you are opening your cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic, you might find that the lasers used for various procedures can be extremely expensive. However, many clinics have decided to buy used equipment to help with start-up costs and various other expenses. If you are snarling your nose at the option, you might want to keep reading. There can be many benefits to having used cosmetic equipment in your clinic. Here are a few reasons why you should buy used cosmetic lasers instead of new.


Yes, used cosmetic devices are much cheaper than their new counterparts. By purchasing a used piece of equipment, you can save yourself some money in the long run. Many people end up paying as much as $100,000 in new cosmetic equipment, which can be a costly venture if you need more than one to get started or to expand. Even if you have little extra money to spend, you might not want to spend every dime on one single machine. Used equipment can help you save some funds that you might need to do other things like expanding, renovating, and more.

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Faster Recovery

Your investment will be recovered much faster if you buy a used machine. How? Well, when you purchase new lasers and equipment, you must wait longer for the new equipment to be shipped from the factories and facilities. However, used equipment doesn’t take any time to come in. Instead, you can get started with your clients right away, which even helps satisfy your clients’ needs faster than waiting for new equipment. The faster you turn your investment into income, the happier you will be.

Bigger Clientele

When you first open your clinic, or even just talk about opening your clinic, people are going to be waiting for your services. If you are stuck waiting for a new machine to ship to you to get started, you might lose clients who are ready to get their work done right away. A used machine, however, comes to you much faster, which means you can get to your clients much faster. Clients who have their needs met as quickly as possible are more likely to stay with you, and because of this, you will build your clientele faster and bigger than you might have ever imagined possible.


It is easy to see from the above statements why a used cosmetic machine is a good investment. Used machines still have plenty of life left, and they can help you get on your feet faster when you are either opening a clinic or expanding your current practice. Used machines are beneficial in more ways than one, which is another reason they are a good investment for your clinic. Your clients will thank you, and you will be able to get out of the red faster than waiting for a new machine to arrive. Save your money for other things and purchase a used cosmetic device to get you started. You and your clients will be happy.

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