SecurTel offers quality jail calls at low prices

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If your loved one is serving a jail term in any of the federal jails, he or she is allowed to make calls to your number all any other authorized numbers and chat with the family. These jail calls are charged to the receiver. The calls can be very expensive especially if you live far away from the jail . Fortunately,  you can make cheap jail calls with SecurTel jail call service.

 How does the service work?

 To activate the service, you sign up for the service on SecurTel website.  At signup, you give the details of the location of the jail where your loved ones are jailed as well as your details. SecurTel then researches for the lowest rates in the locality of the jail and comes with the Special Jail Phone Number.

 You then send the number to your loved one so that they can register it with the prison internal telecom provider. Every time that the inmate calls the number, the call is routed to your preferred number that can be your mobile number or the landline. You will be required to add funds to the inmate jail phone account so that he or she can call you. The savings come in the charges per minute for using the service.

 What are the charges?

 The service is billed for every three months for a one-time fee of  $45.98. These charges take care of the activation and the FCC taxes. There are no other charges for the service. The service is renewed every three months. You manually renew the service as there are no automatic renewals. Moreover, you can cancel the service at any moment without attracting any penalties.

Other  features 

  • High-quality sound

 The quality of the sound does not go down with the routing. Moreover, there is a robust connection such that the call would not be disconnected.

  • Change the number when you need to

If the inmate is transferred to another jail, SecurTel will research on new low-cost numbers in the new area and give you a new number. Likewise, in case you need to change the number, you can do it conveniently from your online access.

SecurTel is the lowest price provider. While it does not have control over the jail phone rates, it looks for ways to get you the best rates just as the locals in the area. They have quality customer support any time of the day and night.

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