Some Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

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If you think not driving a vehicle on the road will keep you safe from road accidents, you may be wrong. Every year, thousands of pedestrians are injured and even killed by cars on the road. Even if you take safety measures and obey the traffic rules, you may still endure an accident due to someone else’s negligence. 

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Most road accidents involving pedestrians occur when drivers fail to obey traffic laws. Following are some common causes of pedestrian accidents. 

Distracted Driving 

Distraction is the number one cause of accidents in all places and not only on the road. Drivers, especially younger ones, tend to be using their mobile phones and engage in texting and speaking on call while driving, which diverts their minds from the road. Other common reasons for distraction include eating foods, drinking, listening to music at a very high volume, playing games, and reading newspapers. 

Driving Under Influence

Despite the government’s attempts to alert people about the dangers of DUI, many DUI accidents take place every year. Alcohol intoxication can impair a driver’s vision, causing a blurry view of the road. DUI can also affect a person’s reaction time, reasoning, and driving skills.


Reckless driving refers to when a driver disobeys the traffic laws and drives dangerously, having no regard for the consequences of their actions. Reckless drivers often move at a very high speed. When a pedestrian is hit by a speeding car, they can suffer significant injuries and even die due to the impact of the force. 

Bad Weather Conditions

Drivers must take extra care in bad weather, such as during fog, snow, and rain. When a driver fails to maintain the speed of their car in such weather, they have a higher chance of hitting a pedestrian because of not being able to stop their vehicle on time on a slippery road. 

Failing To Signal While Turning

Drivers do not always pay attention to crosswalk signals. You can still get hit by a car while using crosswalks because instead of paying attention to the signs and pedestrians, some drivers may be busy navigating the intersections on the road. 

Failure To Yield

Often drivers fail to stop their vehicle at a stop sign or when a pedestrian is crossing the road, which results in devastating crashes.

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