The best fundraisers for Booster Clubs

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You cannot equate fundraising with fun. It has been the necessary evil that people tend to cringe at. Most of the people would be hoping that someone else handles it. The amazing booster parents would be able to make the most of the fundraising fun with various kinds of sporting activities.

You would be thinking about the best booster club fundraising ideas made available to you. Find below a list of the best ideas to help you raise funds for your booster club in an easy manner.

The fundraiser would not only be fun for the children, but it would also be fun for booster parent as well. In addition, it would be relatively easy to setup.

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Without further ado, find below some of the best fundraisers for booster clubs.

  • Mini marathon

The mini marathon would be a great idea to make the public aware about your fundraiser. This would be smaller than normal marathon. The marathon would not be more than three to five miles in length. It could be accomplished with a decent gathering at the finish line.

In case, there were people interested in viewing the race, they could donate some money at the finish line. A trophy would be a great incentive for people to sign up for the respective event.

  • Coupon books

At times, the best fundraisers would be the ones providing something in return to the community. It would definitely be something that may be hard to come at par with, but certainly a profitable one. You could make use of coupon books where people would be required to pay a premium for the book and money would be donated to the club.

  • Yard work

Hard work would pay immensely for your fundraising needs. It implies that you could make use of little dirty work as well in order to succeed in raising money. Yard work fundraising for booster club would be inclusive of raking leaves, mowing lawns, snow shoveling and weed pulling.

  • Neighborhood car wash

Often, people tend to neglect cleaning their cars. It would cater you with a great option to offer the services. You would be able to earn quick money. The aim would be to go to every neighborhood in the region on weekends and look for car wash opportunities. If you have a decently large group, you could handle more number of cars and earn more money.

In case, you were wondering how booster clubs raise money, the aforementioned tips would be the best methods for you to follow and earn quick money for your booster club as well.

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