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If someone doesn’t know What is a Startup [Startup คืออะไร, which is the term in Thai]? Then startup is a new business that is opened with some new idea by people. So, that in the future their business can grow and after that, they can make money from it. Nowadays many people are doing startup. But there are only few startups that come out as a big business brand name. And it is mainly because of the lack of opportunity, the new ideas and funding. These are some of the reasons why many startups failed. Most of the startups come up with such ideas that are already present in the market.

Then why anyone will invest in such ideas that are already established in the market. And there are also some unique ideas that don’t get funding at the right time. And later on, it gets shut down. But the startup is necessary to change the world. Only because of startup the world has changed a lot.

One can also do a startup on VDO

The startup can be anything and if people like it. Then the business will surely run for a long time. And for that one can also start a video editing company. In that company one can edit the videos of different youtuber and also for films too. By that one can make more money from it. It’s just that the person knows How to make VDO stand out [ทำอย่างไรให้ VDO โดดเด่น, which is the term in Thai] from others video.

The idea must be unique

Get such an idea that is always unique and people can get benefit from it. So, for a good startup the idea must be unique. Only then the startup will emerge as a big brand in the future.

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