What is the most distinguishing characteristic between leader vs manager?

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You do not automatically assume the role of leader just because you have been promoted to a position requiring you to manage others. People management and leadership are two distinct concepts with significant differences. Go through the leader vs manager issue first.

The following are the nine most distinguishing qualities between leaders and followers:

Leaders are responsible for developing a vision, while administrators are responsible for establishing objectives

Leaders paint a picture for their adherents of what they believe is possible, then inspire and motivate them to work toward achieving this vision. They motivate individuals to join something greater than themselves. The primary focuses of managers are goal formulation, goal measurement, and goal achievement. They exert influence over the environment in order to meet or transcend their objectives.

Managers are liable for maintaining the status quo, whereas leaders are accountable for fostering change.

For leaders, disruption is a badge of distinction. They adhere to an innovation creed. Managers have a tendency to stay with what has proven effective and then enhance existing systems, structures, and procedures.

Managers are only imitators, whereas leaders are innovators

Individual integrity is a requirement for leaders. They are self-aware and actively work to establish a personal brand that is unique and distinguishes them from others. In lieu of developing their own, managers tend to imitate the skills and behaviors they observe in others and adopt the leadership styles of those they witness.

Leaders are willing to take risks, whereas managers seek to reduce them

Leaders are willing to attempt new things even if they may fail spectacularly at them. They are cognizant of the fact that failure is frequently a prerequisite for success. Managers reduce risk as much as feasible. They would rather evade or manage obstacles than confront and work through them directly.

Leaders are concerned with the long term, whereas administrators tend to focus on the immediate future

Leadership is characterized by intention. They follow through with their commitments and maintain a positive attitude while working toward a significant and frequently distant goal. Managers have a tendency to prioritize more imminent goals and desire more consistent praise and recognition for their efforts.

While managers rely on their already-established expertise, leaders are constantly enhancing their own competencies

Leaders are aware that if they do not increase their knowledge on a daily basis, they are not just standing still, but falling further and further behind. Managers frequently advance their careers by refining the skills they already possess and replicating actions that have proven successful.

Managers implement operational structures and procedures, whereas leaders focus on cultivating relationships

People, specifically all the constituents that leaders must convince to make their vision a reality, are the leaders’ primary focus. They have a thorough understanding of all of their stakeholders and spend the majority of their time interacting with them. Managers focus on the frameworks required to define and achieve objectives. 

Leaders serve as mentors, while administrators serve as superiors

Leaders recognize that their subordinates either already possess the answers or are able to find them. They have faith in their employees’ abilities and are enthusiastic about the opportunities that lay ahead. Managers are responsible for delegating and directing the completion of assigned tasks.

Leaders acquire adherents, whereas managers are accountable for their employees

Their followers become their rabid admirers and zealous promoters, which assists leaders in establishing their brand and achieving their objectives.. The subordinates of a manager are expected to follow instructions and do their best to please their manager.

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