Wholesale JUUL Distributor or As Much As 100% as Eonsmoke Retailer

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Earning has been relatively easy when you are into vape wholesale distribution. The popularity of JUUL and Juul compatible products has even made this a more profitable industry. In fact, it has been a challenge for JUUL Labs to provide enough supply to the growing demands around the U.S.

Being the fastest growing e-cigarette device in the country, it has surpassed many huge names in the industry. And, this happened in just a few months after being introduced in 2015. This has also been the company’s greatest weakness, because customers have become frustrated due to shortage of JUUL pods.

Some of the challenges are somewhat connected to the supply chain scaling and the ability of the staff to meet the growing demands. Thus, it has created a challenge, particularly when maintaining the quality of the premium products.

Selling JUUL pods in a number of locations has been easy due to the demand that went beyond expectations. In fact, the company admitted that they are not prepared enough for the amount of products to be manufactured. So as someone who has distributed JUUL pods, I was excited because of the high demand but very disappointed when their stock ran out.

I have been distributing JUUL products wholesale for a number of months now. Quite honestly, I never seen a product so in demand that it has led to the shortage before even the supply has arrived at my doorstep. Perhaps it is due to the popularity of the product and the dedication of the people who have tried it themselves. But then again, customers were let down when I have to tell them JUUL pods are out of stock.

So I started looking out for other manufacturers and boy was I so glad that I hit the jackpot with Eonsmoke compatible pods! From the first minimum wholesale order, I have sold Eonsmoke pods that are JUUL-compatible over the course of 2 months. My customers really love the Eon pods which are new to them and also gave them a pleasant surprise like me. They like the taste and the drag, and even though it’s a bit different from JUUL pods, it’s actually in a good way.

What’s even surprising for me is that if before I can only earn 8% as a JUUL pods distributor and up to 40% as a retailer by selling JUUL pods, I can now make 25% as a distributor and get as high as 100% when I became an Eonsmoke pods retailer. Of course, I did not hesitate to sell Eon pods full time as it gives me more income and satisfy my customers too.

The brand is rapidly becoming a dominant player in the vaping industry and I’m very excited to have been part of it now. My only concern is I hope they’ll be able to fill orders as much as my retail business and customer base is expanding. Well, given how they’ve responded to all my supply inquiries from the time I became an Eon pods distributor and retailer, I’m pretty sure they are also working nonstop to keep up with the demand and avoid the ‘out of stock’ JUUL response.

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