Your Healing Voyage With Money

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Money, money, money. It appears that anywhere you go cash is there, coloring intentions, facilitating commerce, and populating wishes and fantasies. Also it appears that wherever you go individuals are getting more income troubles.

Starting in childhood, my existence would be a constant of cash worries… until I found that money was just energy, and not the paper and coins that a lot of covet.

Cash is energy. And also, since energy can’t be destroyed or produced and there’s a vast way to obtain energy globally (everything consists of energy) it makes sense that too little cash is a fantasy. This is an illusion produced because when the thing is things.

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The Matrix

The Matrix is among my personal favorite movies ever. But this isn’t what I am talking about within the subtitle of the section.

The matrix I am talking about may be the one Max Plancke spoke of within this quote:

All matter originates and exists only due to a pressure that can bring the particle of the atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We have to assume behind this pressure the presence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This thoughts are the matrix of matter.

What this informs use is that everything is the expressions of 1 factor.

And also, since that certain factor isn’t a material factor however a universal field of awareness (the matrix), which the fundamental foundations of the things may be the atom, which is the main one universal awareness that upholds the atom, then there is nothing because it seems towards the eyes nor what we should have confidence in the brain.

Which is our mind that channels the ability to produce how and just what we have seen, what we should experience and just what we interpret as true. Exactly the same energy that upholds everything seen and unseen – all elements, laws and regulations, galaxies, and dimensions – is identical energy that fuels our learning, growth, and reality and it is directed by our choices, which derive from our beliefs.

Our beliefs would be the mold by which universal awareness, teeming with infinite options, finds its expression in your soul, due to you, while you.

In case your belief is you can, or can’t, your performance follows accordingly. In case your belief is within forces of excellent and forces of evil, your perceptions and interpretations follows accordingly. In case your belief is the fact that existence is harmful, or happy and magical, your encounters follows accordingly.

This is actually the matrix. And also the matrix doesn’t exist or operate separate from you. You’re in the matrix, from the matrix, and also the matrix expresses while you.\

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