Houston car accident: The benefits of having a lawyer

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Texas roads are not as safe as you may think. The state reported over 3,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2019, which is higher than most other states in the US. Immediately after an accident in Houston, you may have to deal with unexpected financial distress because of vehicle damage, wage loss, and medical bills. If the other driver was negligent, you could consider filing a third-party insurance claim with their insurer to seek compensation for your losses. So, if winning a settlement is simple, do you need to hire a Houston car accident lawyer? There are numerous advantages of having an attorney by your side. Here’s an overview for your help. 

Lawyers can investigate the accident

Texas is a fault state. If the other driver was drunk, negligent, reckless, distracted, or just didn’t care enough for safety, they are liable for the damages and injuries caused to other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. However, at-fault drivers rarely admit fault (and you shouldn’t do so either), and insurance companies will downplay your injuries and losses. You need an accident lawyer to investigate the accident and establish fault and liability. Your lawyer will do what it takes to gather evidence to prove key aspects like – 

  1. The other driver was negligent, which directly caused the accident
  2. Your injuries are a result of the accident
  3. The other driver owed you a duty of care

Without an attorney, the burden of proof is solely on you. Your accident lawyer will also check with medical experts to determine and understand the true extent of your injuries. If needed, they can also talk to accident reconstruction experts to determine what factors contributed to the accident. 

Negotiating with the insurance company

Let’s get real here – insurance companies don’t want to pay for claims. Every claim they settle is a dent in their profits. Insurance adjusters and representatives are infamous for using bad faith insurance tactics to deny and delay claims. Without an attorney, you may end up accepting a share of the blame and a settlement that’s lower than your losses. More often than not, insurance claims adjusters shift the blame, even when the other party is at a minor fault. When you hire an accident lawyer, they negotiate on your behalf. If the settlement offered by the insurance company is unlikely to cover your losses, they can also file a lawsuit. 

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