UL/CSA & MIL-SPEC Cable Manufacturer and Distributor

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Industry Leader

Sycor Technology is an industry leader in cables and wires as it has provided them to companies that are in fields as varied as aerospace, entertainment, gaming, marine, military, rail, transit, solar energy and water treatment. The Canadian company, which was founded in 1981 and is based in Mississauga, Ontario, where it has a 40,000-square foot warehouse, serves an international market.

Mil-Spec Cables

The requirements for a mil-spec cable manufacturer are significant, and Sycor Technology satisfies all of them in providing high-quality mil-spec cables and wires to defense contractors and government agencies, meeting the considerable demands that are presented by military electronic applications. These products provide a significant amount of flame resistance, and they are available in a number of styles and sizes.

Oil and Gas

Another industry that Sycor Technology works with is the oil and gas industry. Many of these companies have been pleased with how Sycor Technology’s cables have performed in some of the world’s most demanding climates amidst a number of dangerous chemicals. Salt corrosion and drilling mud also provide stresses for cables used in these types of settings, but Sycor Technology’s cables stand up to the challenges.

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