6 Ways to Raise Your SEO Game in 2019

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Website owners take various steps in order to rank higher in search engine result pages. Most of them have access to lots of information which can be overwhelming. SEO trends are ever dynamic as Google rolls out algorithm updates frequently. Brands that dare to do things differently will remain relevant in 2019 and beyond. For instance, delving into areas that are less explored before they become overcrowded.

Check out the hottest SEO strategies you need to start implementing:

  • Deliver exceptional UX

The importance of providing a unique experience can’t be underscored. It’s one of the elements that have been featuring in the digital marketing scene every year. Ensure that you work with a Web Design agency that can design your site to suit users’ needs. You can keep your pages organized by clustering your content. Search engines find content with this type of structure attractive.

  • Maximize automation tools

It’s not surprising that search engines rely on a wide range of AI-powered tools. AI is no longer a strange concept in the SEO world. Digital marketers have access to tools that are useful for carrying out keyword research and creating a content marketing strategy. Some tools can also speed up the content creation process. These automation tools come with the ability to offer feedback for improving your SEO strategy.  

  • Video

Visual elements are a must for every website. This is the reason why many brands invest in the aspect of Graphic Design. Every brand should add quality videos into their digital marketing strategy for the coming year. Videos have finally found their way to the homepage and landing pages of websites and they have been proven to boost engagement and conversion rate with time. Businesses that take this approach usually discover that online visitors tend to spend more time on their web pages.

  • Get rid of zombie pages

Zombie pages include pages that contain duplicate content, outdated posts and old product pages. The fact is that visitors rarely engage with such pages and this doesn’t benefit your site in any way. In fact, they can prevent you from getting satisfactory results with your SEO efforts. The ideal course of action is to repurpose evergreen content and fix the results for such pages as no-index.

  • Voice search

Voice search is already a thing this year and site owners should be ready for it in 2019. According to experts, up to 20% of mobile searches are based on voice. Virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa have been undergoing a series of improvements lately so that they can deliver accurate results. The bottom line is to reduce your bounce rate and implement long-tailed keywords when creating content.

  • Featured snippets

Featured snippets often come in handy to provide fast answers to queries. They eliminate the need to follow links because a text box will appear. Consider adding subheadings that will reveal the content of your post. Another thing is to arrange your page in a way that supports concise answers to queries. Lastly, add the right keywords and watch how your click-through rates will keep improving.

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