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When one’s smartphone works the way, one wants to, it is natural that its user will not bother about the details of its operative mechanism. Just the same way as a heart of a living being, which is the sole life-giving organ that powers the whole body. A battery of a smartphone is exactly the same. With usage, and wear setting in, will somewhat take a toll on the battery. And one would notice that the battery life getting shorter. Another important feature is the signal finder a feature that let a smartphone find strong signals that will facilitate connectivity to the web in the best manner. To best look after these two major areas which is mandatory for trouble and frustration free use of a smartphone, a super technologically advanced modern smart app is out there to bring a sigh of relief. Yes, it is the popular and much seeked Battery Widget & Signal Finder Smart App. Please find some of its value-added functional features which will in turn boost the working of one’s dependent smartphone.

About Battery Widget App

Foremost this smart app will concentrate on all areas that is needed to prolong battery life to the maximum limits. This would mean the user of the smartphone will have lesser time to be worried about having to re-charge the battery. And obviously this will extend longer lengths of working time without having to suspend for charging. As examples, this would give more uninterrupted viewing pleasure of a movie or talk time on a call. The exact status of the battery power will be displayed. Current battery percentage and time that it will take to fully charge. Example 80% currently and require 0.33 minutes to 100%. This enables users to plan out the workings and to prioritise, if necessary, to make the maximum usage with the available power before plunging in for re-charge. With Battery Widget’s, Battery History Graph feature, user can track the battery usage of any particular date at any particular times. This will help to understand functions and their usage of battery power. This will assist to best schedule the work to be done to complete before a re-charge break. By setting the Battery Alarm, customise the notices you want via alerts. Battery Widget has clearly understood the value and importance of been connected to the world via one’s smartphone and accordingly designed and build its smart app to fulfil the user’s expectations to the maximum. Little wonder why all its users are making 5-star comments on customer feedback. Why not you too rely on Battery Widget and enjoy the prolong life of your smartphone and feel the difference of your smartphone’s extended battery life. No longer will you have to put up with the frustration of poor connectivity as Widget will pick up the strongest signals with its Signal finder and make the smartphone to work smoothly. All in all, Battery Widget will manage affairs to extend the longest battery life in your smartphone.

Download Battery widget App

Using widgets like this make your phone slower specially on low end and mid-range Android phones. You can use booster application, if you love using widgets like this without any performance issue. Apps like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner and AVG Cleaner can boost Android phone performance or speed by hibernating and blocking unwanted background tasks. First download and install AC Market app store in order to download Battery Widget Apk. You can use any other app store like Happymod or Aptoide. Here we are using AC Market app. Then go to search and type “battery widget”. You will see this app on search results. Select and install.

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