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There are many articles and publications written by Dr. Robert Stravinsky and published on his website. These articles are informative and very resourceful, especially for those internet users who want to learn about physical therapy, its importance, and when it could be carried out. 

You would know from the information provided on this Doctor Robert Stravinsky website the need for taking physical therapy after undergoing surgery. Surgery or surgical operation could be carried out for many reasons. It is an occurrence or event which has to take place because it is;

  1. A lifesaving or rescue or deliverance attempt.
  2. Optional or elective or non-urgent operation. 

Whichever type of surgical operation is to be carried out, Robert Stravinsky has explained that it would involve a cut opening of the body and which has to be put back or sown together again. This is a kind of activity that our bodies as human beings are not expected to have to happen to them. This is the more reason why there should be a rehabilitation and physical therapy session after a surgical operation.

It is not an easy thing to lacerate a skin or organ or any other part of the body and sow it back again. Those surgical physicians are really doing great work. But they would rather expect that the post-operative care in physical therapy that would take place after they have finished their splendid work is also very effective as well.

Doctor Robert Stravinsky has always emphasized the need for surgical doctors and physical therapists to form a team just for the sake of the patient’s well-being. This is what could guarantee patients’ rehabilitation and recovery that is smooth and eventual or successful. 

After a surgical operation, the next thing to do immediately is the healing process. And physical therapy is the essential or needed recovery process to commence after surgery. Doctor Robert Stravinsky advises that physical therapy would have to be done after surgery in order to;

  1. Let the patients regain or recover their strengths back. 
  2. Enable all their body organs and parts to be functioning well again.
  3. Make it possible for the patients to be mobile.  

Dr. Stravinsky has suggested that based on the type of surgery that was carried out, the rehabilitation process could be a very excruciating journey that many patients would not want to take. But where they have compassionate and experienced physical therapists such as Robert Stravinsky to help them out, they should hope for a safe trip that is easy and effective. 

After surgery, physical therapy is advantageous to be taken;

  1. It is a process that could help relieve the pain of the surgical operation.
  2. Physical therapy could help prevent patients from sustaining further injuries.
  3. It is this rehabilitation process that could assist patients in improving their range of bodies’ flexibility and motion.
  4. With the aid of physical therapy, scar tissue is relatively minimized.
  5. It is what patients need to boost their self-confidence and bring back their sense of normalcy. 
  6. The rehabilitation procedure is needed to help patients emotionally. 

Also, Dr. Robert Stravinsky has explained that physical therapy is what patients that have just had surgical operations need so that they can become independent again. 

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