Ensure the safety of your data with Zexabox

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When it comes to personal data, people mostly get troubled in finding a way to store it safely. All the devices like laptop, smartphones, tablets etc. have their own memory beyond which nothing can be stored. People like to create their own collection of movies, songs, e-books, private documents etc. Securing them is a major challenge. Yu can now get over this problem by getting the small plug and play device, Zexabox.

It is a Network attached storage, NAS device which allows you to store your data without following the lengthy process as in other online data storage platforms. Instead of centralized network that is more prone to risk, the Zexabox operates on decentralized storage ensuring that your data will be safe without the risk of being hacked or tampered with.

In order to use the device, all you need to do is to install the device by plugging in the cable and connecting it to the internet. Now, you need to download the Zexabox app, install it and now you are ready to sync, store or download your desired files anytime.

The distributed storage facility allows the members to share and update the data anytime and from anywhere. It can be your home’s smart data center to which you can also connect your smart security cameras. By syncing the devices, you can upload the backup anytime and can also access the data on the go. You can also keep a track of the security of your property by accessing the camera’s footage from the backup.

Online editing and backup – as long as you are connected to the network, you can transfer files, make editing and can also share the file. There is a huge data storage space along with quick downloads that enhances the experience of the users.

Zexabox is one of the best alternatives to the limited features offered by services like Dropbox, iCloud etc.

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