Four Checks to Find If Your Child’s Day Care Is Safe

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Bringing up a well-rounded child is one of the trickiest tasks set on a person’s shoulders in his life. One has to walk the thin line between discipline and compassion, yet be patient in the countless struggles undergone in the process. It doesn’t help that it is a 24×7 job with zero breaks in between. Coupled with that is the fact that today’s parents are busier than ever before.

Such a reality leaves day care centres as the most practical option to be pursued. But, the crucial concern is the safety and security of the child at a place where he would spend several hours out of the sight of parents. Thus, before checking in your child in a day care centre, you must undertake certain procedures to investigate the centre, the principles it governs by and the practices it employs to ensure the child’s well-being in the long run:


Presence of a Surveillance System

Inspect the place for the presence of a high quality surveillance system that can help the parents and caregivers to monitor the children at all times. Speak to the authorities about the quality of the security system installed. Nowadays, with increased application and falling prices, video surveillance is a booming industry, so expect the basic quality of surveillance cameras to be installed. With leading brands like Hikvision offering the best of features and subsidies offered on video surveillance systems, a good day care must certainly have a good security system in place.

Presence of Proper Licenses

The first and foremost aspect to be inspected should be the existence of proper licenses in the day care’s possession. Licenses offer a benchmark of quality in standardized departments and ensure a basic quality of service.

Presence of a Child Care Health Consultant

A licensed medical professional experienced in mentoring and providing medical assistance in the child care department needs to be at hand at all times. It is advisable to speak to this doctor and extract information regarding his work ethics and past experiences at handling emergencies.

Constructive Enforcement of Discipline

A parent should sit and observe the techniques employed by the staff in guiding the child through refining his behaviour and habits. Use of harsh words, rude body language and physical discipline is a complete no-no.

A good approach to selecting the best option from the lot is taking your child along and letting him have a say in the matter. Ultimately, the comfort and happiness of your child is of utmost importance.

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