How everyone got over the worst of 2020

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2020 was a difficult year. We are all recovering from the government that thought lockdowns were a good idea. It’s not always a nice thing for families to spend a lot of time together as mental health and family violence soared. People discovered how annoying it was to have kids and spouses in their faces all the time. Many began to miss their tiny cubicles at work, they missed bumping into strangers, going out with the guys for a drink and slipping into a strip club for a couple of hours of mindless fun with good looking, naked women. So, we couldn’t wait for the lockdowns to be over and the tyrannical government health bureaucrats to roll out their experimental vaccination programs so we can get back to normal. Some restrictions have been lifted but unfortunately social distancing is still a factor living under health tyranny. Strip clubs were forced to scale down on the number of customers that can have in their establishments, that also means they had to scale down on the number of performers on their rosters. 

Many people think that stripping is a full-time job. We think strippers work everyday or every night this is not the case. For most people in the business, stripping is a part-time thing. It’s a side hustle. Something they do as an extra income source. There are teachers who strip, nurses who work in hospitals during the day and strip for a couple of hours a night. It is not an 8-hour shift kind of job. Some strippers do it for the love of performing. It’s not uncommon to find professionally trained dancers in strip clubs. Having an acting/ dancing background helps but a lot of performers learn to do what they do on the job. There are a lot of young girls who go into the profession as a means to an end. They might be trying to pay for school or to save money to start their own business. You find all kinds of people in this industry all of them have chosen to be there for different reasons. Lockdown was particularly hard for the industry because clubs were forced to shut down while the government abandoned them as irrelevant. How did people whose livelihood depends on human interaction ad physical contact cope with the pandemic and restrictions?

Like most of us, they suffered substantially wasting their lives binge watching Netflix on the couch. This is one thing they normally wouldn’t do because they are out of their houses so much as its natural to want to interact with other human beings. 

Working a pole requires a lot of upper body strength and a lot of performers work out to keep fit. With gyms and fitness clubs closed a lot of performers found themselves having to work out at home or goig for their one hour fresh air exercise walk in the park.

People did domestic things that they didn’t have re to do before. Some picked up a new hobby like gardening, knitting, cards, chess etc. 

Shopaholics had ample time to browse the internet and buy things online. Online shopping platforms were busy since people could buy things from the comfort of their home while the brick and mortar shop went bankrupt.

Fortunately, there is still hope for society to recover from this disaster led by our health bureaucrats and politicians and it won’t be too long before the people wake up realising they have thrown away two years of their lives for nothing.

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