Self Storage Spaces

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There are several companies provides a complete self-storage solution for US residential and commercial clients. Whether you need space for an entire warehouse or household items, they will search for self-storage facilities to find the best space to meet your needs.

Some simple assembly is required on most furniture. What products do you carry online, compared to what you carry in your retail stores or in your catalogs? They attempt to sell the majority of their catalog and retail store products on web site. If you find an item that you would like to purchase that is not sold on their web site, please call the Customer Service department to make your purchase. Call toll free Why should I register as a on-line shopper?

Registering as a on-line shopper gives you the benefit of already having your personal information on our web site when you begin shopping. Since your information has already been submitted, you are able to checkout without re-entering your shipping information each time that you purchase from the site. Plus they are able to track your purchases, so you can review your order history at any time. To register, go to the shopper registration section under Customer Service.

Where are your outlets located? There are number of outlets located across the Colorado. The best way to find the outlet nearest you is to search by storage units Aurora. Freight Charges Some items that are bulky or heavy increase our shipping costs to you. When required, they show these higher costs immediately following the text information about the product. These charges are in place of the chart above – not added to it. Be sure to see the detailed information page for the item you are interested in to get complete product and shipping information.

They require a daytime phone number for all freight merchandise in the event that our delivery company needs to contact you regarding the delivery arrangements. In-Home Delivery Due to size and weight restrictions, our In-Home Delivery Service delivers some of our larger furniture items and upholstered items. When you are on a page giving us information, such as catalog request page or a checkout page, your e-mail address and credit card information are always kept secure and confidential.

All of the information you submit is sent to on a completely secure SSL connection. How can I change my mailing address for your catalog? If you are a registered on-line shopper, your personal information is automatically updated in our system. You can request a copy of the Annual Report in one of two ways. Go to the Investor Relations section of the web site and send an e-mail directly to Investor Relations or contact Investor Relations by phone or by fax a they want to assure you that we are using SSL technology so that no one but you can access your private information.

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