Visiting Miami Beach with a toddler can be fun

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Any parent visiting Miami Beach with a toddler would at first feel uncomfortable. The hotels /restaurants, and the high-end boutiques aren’t very welcoming to a 1-2 year old. But, wait a minute; this rowdy resort town can turn to an enjoyable destination for any family. The festive vibe with this town can be a perfect fit for the young and the flair for excess makes it the ideal location for a tired mum’s gateway. In fact, with a good tour guide, you’d be amazed at how interesting it can get at the other side of town.

Welcoming atmosphere

Flying in at Miami, you’d probably come in through Fort Lauderdale or Miami International airport. Both offer nursing pods with play areas and changing tables. A car would take 30 -45 minutes to the Miami Beach; while renting could give you freedom to tour places of your preference, getting a Miami Beach Taxi is the cheapest and the most convenient especially when travelling with a toddler.

It’s a welcoming home base

Unlike other places that are rather sprawling and gritty, Miami Beach is quite clean and compact. The south beach art deco district is a perfect place to be, it’s right on the water and loaded with family friendly hotels. The Loews Miami beach hotel away from Lincoln Road mall is such a welcoming hotel, which is known for putting families first.  The sand pit on the beach and the oceanfront pool are ideal for the kids. There are also kids’ clubs and half/ full day programs for the older children and this make the place the perfect destination.

Don’t be limited to kids’ friendly activities

Miami is rich with an animal museum and a zoo that would keep the kids hooked with their minds captured for hours. However, such shouldn’t swallow you, it’s your vacation too and therefore, there must be a mix – look for activities that will fully occupy you and not keep you checking your phone every other minute. Get the picturesque views of the fisher island and the passing ships at the southern tip of the Miami Beach. Here you can do some amateur photo shoots and there is plenty of green space where kids can run around as you lounge.  

Present also a flamingo park with athletic fields, tennis courts and a playground; the kids can also enjoy the waterslide.  You would get lost in the winding paths and the secret bizarre paths. All what you have longed for in a vacation is in Miami Beach, try out today.

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