The Best Digital Printing Machines In The Market

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The digital printing is a process of direct printing from a digital file to paper, mainly by two means; the classic inkjet printer that prints on Inkjet, and the laser printer toner. The world of graphic arts has experienced continuous growth, which has made manufacturers and suppliers launch more and better digital equipment.

There are currently two major problems with digital printing. Some companies lack more reliability, and this technique has some shortcomings, such as not having the required print format. For example, as for large prints such as billboards, it involves ecological problems and high overhead costs.

Despite this, a great advantage of digital printing machines is that they offer a high level of product customization and, people’s desire for personification is a large part of the reason why digital printing experiences a boom.

Types Of Digital Printing Machines

There are mainly two technologies that use the digital printing machines; the Inkjet, in which unique liquid ink is used that is different from that of the classic offset printing, and the Toner that uses particles with pigment.

Both techniques deposit the ink on paper through the use of electric charges, in addition to not needing metal plates, as they are equipped with photoreceptor imaging units. They are even less cumbersome than traditional printers but yes, more fragile too, although cheaper without a doubt. As they print directly from a computer, it represents a significant reduction in cost for the Printing Factory (โรงพิมพ์, which is the term in Thai).

Which Digital Printing Machines Are The Best?

There are several brands of considerable prestige and trust that are a good investment. The best known are Brother, HP, Epson, Canon, and Dell. You can’t go wrong when choosing to buy any of these that come from these five giants. Before getting any, find out about its capabilities, advantages and disadvantages and, what type of ink you will need if you decide to buy it.

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