TYPI has become innovation in typing world

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This type of keyboard is especially designed to provide comfortable typing environment for the text professional editors. This type of keyboard supports healthy and easy typing.  TYPI Keyboard gives fast typing output.

Features of this type of Keyboard

This type of keyboard provides great comfort to reach high performance. If you use this type of keyboard, you can find that working with keyboard is very easy and efficient without having any pain. This type of keyboard is the redesigned form of traditional keyboard. Usual keyboards are redesigned in square shape for reducing discomfort or pain during long time typing. All keys are set in this type of keyboards according to their usability.

Through Kickstarters, you can customize your keyboard with colors by mailing them color or design pattern. Top ranked key caps are used in this type of keyboards such as UV coated or MD laser engraved. These caps are much expensive than normal keycaps. A high quality key switch is used in this type of keyboards. These types of key switches provide accurate result as per click.

For making keyboard more attractive, these keyboards have white LED back light. This light is available in five different levels of brightness. Shape of these keyboards is designed in according to 6 degree angle. These keyboards also having magnetic wrist rest. This is made for giving rest to your wrist. You can fit these magnetic trays in front of your keyboard. You can easily assemble or dissemble this type of trays.

Compatibility or durability

This type of keyboard is compatible with most of the devices. TYPI supports USB or Bluetooth connections. TYPI is also compatible with android systems, windows or iOS. Keyboard has high durability it is on standby mode for 1 month. High ranged Bluetooth connection is used in these keyboards.

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